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The natural world is often taken for granted, people rarely see the beauty or hear the music that is provided to us on a daily basis.  In older times the earth's inhabitants had a healthy respect for nature and the world; they needed to, they thrived only if their crops or livestock thrived.  The respected the land, the loved the land, and they feared the land.  Today we tend to ignore the land.
Nature's Minutes' mission is to bring back a respect for the world and to get my little two cents worth into the growing respect for the earth, nature and the environment and to hop on the "Going Green" wagon.  My mission is to educate and teach others to do the same.
There is a saying that "one voice can change the world" and I believe that "one minute can save the world." 
One Minute
by Deanna Anderson (c) 2011
They say that "one voice can change the world"
but I believe that one minute can save the world.
One minute to stop and think about what that trash will do
and how long it stays when it's tossed on the ground.

One minute to send an email or pay online instead
of wasting paper made from our trees.

One minute to read a website filled with tips on how you
can help save the world or preserve a species.

One minute to slow down and not hit an animal crossing
the road to find food or return to family.

One minute to pick up trash someone else carlessly left
behind and toss it in the trash.

One minute to seperate the plastic from the glass,
the tin cans from the aluminum, the hazardous from the non-hazardous.

One minute to open a packet of seeds and settle
them in a pot of dirt, adding water and sunlight.

One minute to educate the young, the old, and the
in-between on what it means to reduce, recycle, or reuse.

One minute to pause before buying a product and asking,
"Is the packaging recyclable?"

One minute to look at something old and figure
out how to use it as something new.
One minute to step outside of four walls, take a deep breath,
and look at the sky, the grass, and the trees.

And like that one voice, that one minute used by thousands
of people equals thousands of minutes

And that is something that can save the world.

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My Biography

Water lily

Currently I work for the disabilities board of my county, but I am working towards a career in Natural or Wildlife Resource Management.  I want to get out of the office and head into the outdoors.  My main goal is to become a Park Naturalist with a mission of going into the schools or other facilities and talking about our state and national parks; to educate people on wildlife and environmental management; and to teach others to care for, respect, and preserve our natural world.

I am a certified Freelance Writer (Penn Foster, 2011), am a certified Medication Technician (SCDSNB, 2008) and certified in Occupational Child Care (DABCC, 1994).  I am also a published author and my books can be seen on the main website to this one:

The Copper Cauldron